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Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.

Comparable access for one-handed
and two-handed typists

The Matias 508 Keyboard™ is a standard desktop keyboard that has been enhanced to allow both one-handed and two-handed touch-typing.

Ideal for one-handedness, Hemiplegia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and other hand-related injuries, Matias' innovative one-handed typing technology provides one-handed typists access comparable to two-handed typists, without undue burden, as required by §1194.26 (a) (2), §1194.1, and §1194.2 (b).

It offers greater accessibility for disabled users, as well as productivity gains for other office workers. The added convenience of typing with one hand is ideal when using a mouse or a telephone with the other hand.

The 508 Keyboard is specifically designed to satisfy all compliance requirements for keyboards, under Section 508. A Voluntary Product Accessibility Statement is available for download.

Comparable speed, Comparable skills

One-handed typing speeds in the 30 to 60 words-per-minute range are easily achievable using the Matias 508 Keyboard. This range is comparable to the performance of most two-handed typists, and more than sufficient for typical clerical tasks.

The Matias 508 Keyboard allows the same touch-typing skills used for two-handed typing to be used for typing with one hand.

"...The first one-handed keyboard that doesn't
require learning a new way to type."

How does it work?

Using the Half-QWERTY Keyboard with the right handThe one-handed typing technique used in the Matias 508 Keyboard is very similar to the standard two-handed touch-typing technique.

You place your hand where it would normally be if you were touch-typing - that takes care of that half of the keyboard.

To type the letters of the other half, you hold down the space bar with your thumb and do the same finger movement that you would normally do with the other hand. It's that easy.

Tapping the space bar still types a space.


Using the Half-QWERTY Keyboard with both handsThe relative finger movements used for one-handed typing are the same as those used for two-handed typing. So, if you're already a touch-typist, you already know them. You should be typing one-handed in a matter of minutes.

Use either hand - or both hands

The Matias 508 keyboard allows one-handed typing using either hand, left or right, or both hands, just like a standard keyboard.

The one-handed typing capability can also be switched on or off by the user, as desired, using the "matias" key.

"...I was blown away... almost no thought required
to adapt to typing on it... From the get go, my fingers
knew how to type..."

The industry standard

Matias has proudly served the needs of the disability community for over 10 years. Its technology is the de facto standard for one-handed typing in the industry.

Matias is equally dedicated to satisfying the needs of government, and is excited to offer its technology to the broader government audience at much lower prices.


where can I get one?
buy directbuy on the GSA

buy on the GSA

The 508 Keyboard is now available on the U.S. Government's GSA Federal Supply Schedule, through TCS Associates - GSA Contract No. GS-35F-0512L.

Click for the TCS Associates websitebuy on the GSA



click to launch the one-handed tying demo

Click here to launch the
one-handed typing demo

(Flash plug-in required)

Or, download the one-handed typing Demo Software:
for Windows (1.7 MB)
for Mac OS X (3.0 MB)

Click here to download a Matias 508 Keyboard information sheet.

(413 kb, PDF format, requires Adobe Reader).



No undue burden

§1194.1 states that products procured under Section 508 must not place an undue burden on the procuring agency, as defined by §1194.4.

The 508 Keyboard is a less-expensive version of a specialty keyboard also manufactured by Matias. At a fraction of the cost of its elder cousin, the 508 Keyboard places no undue burden on the purchaser.

This significant cost savings is made possible purely due to the existence of Section 508 and the volume purchasing power of the U.S. government.

No administrative burden

§1194.2 (a) (2) places an administrative burden on non-compliant products, thus giving compliant products a competitive advantage.

To purchase non-compliant products, Federal agencies must provide documentation explaining why they are not in compliance.

It's easier just to purchase compliant products, such as the Matias 508 Keyboard.

For more information about our Section 508 compliance, please download our Voluntary Product Accessibility Statement.

Showcases your
Section 508 compliance

The surface of each key is clearly labelled with all of the characters and functions of both regular and one-handed typing modes.

As well as serving as an easy visual reference for the user, the keytop markings also increase visibility and awareness of your department's Section 508 compliance initiatives.

5 year warranty

The Matias 508 Keyboard is built to last. It comes with a 5 year few-questions-asked warranty, but should last much longer.


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